AliExpress Product Page Template - Long Copy (Products That Sell For $29.95 or More)

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Do you have an iPhone that is constantly running out of space? We know this can be super frustrating and sometimes a big pain to deal with. The Easy Flash Drive will be the answer to all your prayers! (Asking a question that isolates the buyer and telling  them you have the solution Or a small interesting description to create an emotion inside the customer)

Voted, Best iPhone Flash Drive on the market with it's ease of use, style & made with high quality materials. (Social proof that adds credibility, I don’t always add this in but for more expensive products I will, as psychologically it makes the customer feel its higher quality)

No more dealing with complicated iTunes & finally a fast way to get photos & videos on/off your iPhone. (featuring a pain point for someone)

Beware of other iPhone Flash Drive's on the market as many have low quality iPhone applications. (This line is made to make the customer have more urgency to purchase from me versus other places online as I instill fear in them that if they purchase a similar flash drive it won’t work properly. I only use this line when selling products that are not an impulse buy so more than $30 and you can* find the product selling in many other places online)

Everybody is talking about iPhone Flash Drives! Featured on Techcrunch, Newswire, Gizmodo & many more... (This adds more social proof, I will do a quick google search and then click the “news” tab at the top and see if any blogs featured this product or similar products, if they did I will write it here)

Not sold in stores! 


DUE TO HIGH DEMAND, please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery.

  • Instantly increase your iPhones storage space by 8GB/16GB/32GB or 64GB (feature point)
  • Works with iPhone, Android, Mac & PC computers so you can easily share files between all your devices (benefit point)
  • Take photos & videos on or off your iPhone or iPad in seconds instead of complicated iTunes syncing. (benefit point)
    • Avoid upgrading your iPhone and spending $100s of dollars (benefit point)
    • Play movies, tv shows or music directly from the easy flash drive so you don't waste phone storage (benefit point)
    • Protect sensitive documents with fingerprint encryption (feature point)
    • FREE Shipping on orders over $50 in USA and over $100 Worldwide (feature point)
    • Money-back guarantee! (feature point) 
      30DayMoneyBackGuarantee 1DayCustomerService

      Important Notes

      1: Due to high demand for this product please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

      2: For more information on international shipping time frames click here

      3: For more information on our 30-day money back guarantee click here

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